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吉打中华工商总会 - Kedah Chinese Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Dewan Perniagaan Dan Perindustrian Tiong Hwa Kedah

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KCCCI 35th Term 1st AGM Meeting

Date: 21.04.2010(Wednesday)

Time: 8pm

Venue: KCCCI Dato' Teoh Boon Beng's Hall

KCCCI President Dato’ Tan It Peow, DSDK.,BKM.,PPN.,PJK.,JP.

Good evening to all the fellow members of the Kedah Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry!
Over the past year, we have gone through a baptism of global financial crisis and economic downturn. This crisis and downturn has created a great impact to our Chinese business enterprises and I understand that every one of us has gone through a very hard time. However, we have gained respect from other races through our diligence, wisdom, and strong determination to withstand the financial crisis and economic downturn.

For the year of 2010, I will continue to help in carrying out various activities of the Chinese business enterprises through a variety of highly effective programs. So as to improve Chinese business practices and economic efficiency. I hope with all the Chamber’s hard work, the Chinese businesses interests are well protected and business will continue to expand.

Dato’ Tan also urged all members to participate in the EXPO organized by the ACCCIM regarding the “ACCCIM Delegation to Shanghai, China in participation of Expo Shanghai 2010” from 31st May to 31st October . Closing date for this event is at 30th April, 2010. Interested members kindly contact the secretariat for registration.

Finally, Dato’ Tan believed that unity play a very important role in the Chinese business community. He urged every of the businessmen to strengthen unity and cooperation in between themselves even though with a limited source.

As 2010 is a tiger year. Tiger is a dynamic animal, Dato’ Tan’ wish every of us a better tiger year.

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